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MSME Sheet Metal & Engineering are Roof-Ventilation experts. With a proud portfolio of more than a hundred successful Roof Ventilation jobs performed Auckland wide, you can contact us for fast executed and efficient results.

There are many product options which will provide passive ventilation for new build and existing homes as well as commercial properties and factories. Primary roof ventilators fit externally within the eaves, usually within either the soffit board or fascia board, and provide an appropriately sized opening for air to flow into and out of the roof space. They incorporate rows of slots or holes which are large enough to allow the required volume of air to flow freely without danger of blockage by dirt, dust, cobwebs etc but are small enough to prevent the entry of vermin or large nest-building insects such as bees and wasps. All ventilators have 3.5 - 4mm wide slots or holes in accordance with recommendations. MSME Sheet Metal Engineering specializes in custom-designed roof ventilation solutions and builds ventilations systems to fit your requirements.

Our experienced engineers have the skills and know-how you need to ensure you’re getting the very best results. We take your requirements seriously, and make sure you are more than satisfied with the results. Feel free to explore our handrails gallery to see the projects we completed for many happy customers around Auckland and to make sure you are getting the best handrails in NZ.

roof-ventilation system

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