Customise Ventilation System

If you’re looking for air cleaners for any environment, whether industrial, commercial, hospitality, healthcare or the home, we have an air cleaning solution for you.

MSME Sheet Metal Engineering gives you access to over 35 years of in-house and commercial air filtration experience and 25+ years in manufacturing air cleaners, all available customized to your needs. Our broad line of air filtration systems includes:

- Industrial Dust Collectors for metal cutting - Woodcutter Dust Collectors - Electronic Air Cleaners - Residential Air Cleaners

MSME Ltd is an experienced fabricator of Ventilation System in New Zealand. We have over 20 years of experience and superb manufacturing sites which are duly equipped to manufacture any size of Ventilation System. We know the New Zealand Builder Code by heart and can confirm that they are aligned with industry requirements, furthermore we have an NZ council member on board who has the expertise necessary to approve fabrications. An essential sector of our business has resulted in our in-depth knowledge of the Ventilation sector and we know how to fabricate for these applications with tried and tested best practices in mind.


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