Stainless Steel Tanks, Silos and Vats

Mahurangi Sheet Metals & Engineering Ltd has provided tanks, vessels and silos in a diverse scope of shapes and sizes, each meeting the various fixing requirements and structural demands. We have expertly crafted and manufactured an extensive variety of stainless steel items to suit the particular demands of our clients.

MSME Ltd has been designing and building Stainless Steel Tanks, Silos, Vessels and Vats for more than 20 years and in that time has had the benefit of exloring a wide scope of industries and applications. We value the expertise we have acquired during many years of working with the client and solving problems. We have developed the capacity to “think outside the tank” when faced with new challenges that come with technical projects. Alongside stainless steel tanks, we pride ourselves in the know-how of all areas in stainless steel fabrication.


✅ Industry Leaders ✅ 20+ Years Experience ✅ On-time delivery ✅ 100% Quality Workmanship ✅ Built to your Specs

⛁ VATs ⛁ Fuel Tanks ⛁ Silos ⛁ Pressure Vessels ⛁ Specialized Vessels ⛁ Mobile Tanks

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