Mobile Tanks

Going beyond our standard scope of Stainless Steel Tanks, we embrace planning and fabricating outstanding stainless steel mobile tanks to suit your needs. Versatile tanks are the type vessel where the client needs most adaptability and flexibility and we are happy to fulfill these requirements. The upside of these vessels is that the need of settled funnelling with long runs isn’t required. The movable unit might be stacked with crude fixings which are blended on the generation floor, the vessel would then be a wheeled to the filling machine and after that wheeled to the wash-cove to be cleaned. All the standard highlights found on settled vessels can be incorporated on a mobile tank unit. If you are looking to get your mobile tank fabricated, you have come to the right place: With more than 20 years of experience in the New Zealand stainless steel industry we will execute your job efficient, affordably and on-time.

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