Stainless Steel Silos

Mahurangi Sheet Metals & Engineering is one of the market pioneers in New Zealand in the design and fabrication of capacity tanks for water storage, nourishment and refreshment alongside pharmaceutical businesses. We create storage units in an extensive variety of sizes to suit our customer’s requisites and we are well situated to produce the most functional silos, while maintaining affordability and efficiency. For the most part, the measurements of the silos are administered by requirements particular to the specific site where the silo is to be introduced. Normally, it is beneficial to design the silo to be tall and thin, so as not to take up excessive space, yet it has to be built reliably and sturdy. It is a smart approach, to figure out what the normal average conveyance volume is probably going to be and after that factor in an important support volume that will guarantee efficient production without any down time. Contingent upon the required volume 3500mm in distance across is a for the most part acknowledged transportable width, however if required, up to 4800mm in measurement can be transported.

MSME Ltd can give dimple plate (cavity wrap) to aid temperature control whether it is warming or cooling that is required. Silos can be then protected with an assortment of materials, for example, polystyrene board Rockwool or polyurethane and after that clad with pop-riveted colour bond sheeting, stainless steel sheet of seal wielded stainless steel sheet which help to increase safety and ensure a spectacular finish.

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